Welcome to Lyuesword, we are sword manufacturer and located in LongQuan China. We are selling HANDMADE Chinese swords, Japanese swords and other crafts. We also can customize swords according to your request! We are sword manufacturer, all the swords are from our factory, we are selling manufacturer price.
We have many sword smiths in our factory, whose techniques are very exquisite. We GUARANTEE that our swords are all fully hand forged, hand polished and hand sharpened, the quality is very great.

We have large selection of Japanese swords and Chinese swords available online, most of them in stock and ready to ship. For Japanese swords, we have near all kind of Japanese swords, such as KATANA swords, WAKIZASHI swords, TANTO swords, NAGINATA swords, NINJA swords, SAKABATO swords and so on; For the Chinese swords, we have Chinese sword "DAO" and "JIAN". Here you can find what you want!!

All our standard blades are available with customizable parts, where you can choose from a large array of fittings, Tusba, Ito, Sageo, Saya and other options. We also can customize the blades for you if you give us detailed specifications, in addition, in order to make your sword more unique, we can engrave your name, simple symbol or something else you like on the blade. In one word, we can customize ANY blade you like!!

Usually, we will ship your items within 2-3 business days, and we will use thick foam box to pack your swords, so please do not worry about long-distance transport.

Once the item is shipped out, we will send an email with tracking number to you via email, you can track your package any time. At the same time, we will keep tracking the status of your item until you receive the package.

Welcome enquiry and order!!!!!